Can't see the panoramas?

The panoramas on the page you've just come from require that your browser allows the use of Java. This is usually a setting in the preferences, for example, in FireFox version 2 you can enable Java here:

   Preferences > Content > Enable Java >> [Refresh the page]

If you're using Apple's Safari browser, you enable Java like this:

   Preferences > Security > Webcontent: Enable Java >> [Refresh the page]

So, if you can't see our panoramas, have a look in your browsers preferences and enable Java.

Note: Java is different to Javascript! The panoramas require just "Java").

What else can you do with these panoramas?

The panoramas you're looking at are probably auto-revolving, however, you can control the viewpoint yourself. Try clicking and holding in the panorama window and then dragging in different directions, the viewpoint of the picture will follow your mouse.

Notice that you can look directly overhead, and right down to the floor beneath the camera, that's very handy if you're commissioning a picture of a beatiful cathedral, or on a rope bridge over a waterfall!