The DMA 360° Panoramic Photography Service

Digital Media Art is one of only a handful of companies that offer panoramic photography that covers a 360° horizontal sweep with a full 180° degrees of vertical pitch. Unlike many of our competitors, our panoramas show ceilings and floors, you can look right down to the floor beneath the camera and smoothly pan the viewpoint all the way up to the ceiling or sky directly overhead. This makes a real difference to the realism of a scene – be sure to have a really good look around when viewing our gallery images.

High Quality Output

Capturing high quality images demands the use of professional quality equipment. We use Nikon DSLR cameras and high quality fisheye lenses. While the camera and lens combination we use can technically capture a whole scene in only four shots, we shoot each scene in six shots for optimum detail and contrast. This strategy also significantly cuts down on chromatic aberration by eliminating the need to use data collected from the edges of the lens.

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Post Production

Every care is taken to ensure that the final output is true to the original shoot. This means setting the correct white balance and colour space, then maintaining these settings throughout the post production process. Careful initial shooting means we can keep image manipulation to an absolute minimum to ensure the scene doesn't look artifically enhanced. The final images are stitched together manually to ensure that no seams are visible.